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$50 - $100 million in cryptocurrency are stolen by the accountant of McAfee

The McAfee team offers remuneration for any information on potential plunder of 100 million dollars in cryptocurrency. the McAfee Team offers

remuneration for any information on potential plunder of 100 million dollars in cryptocurrency.

Most of investors in cryptocurrency branch are familiar with a constant chain of trials against the companies and certain traders who haven't kept the promises have illegally appropriated or have sold cryptoassets.

Recent theft in the McAfee company has forced her representatives to ask for the help users in search of proofs against the thief of cryptoassets.

Instead of addressing users through the official site or on social networks, Jimmy Watson, the CEO of McAfee, has made a guest post on the The Merkle website. His post - it is rather the request for the help opening history of plunders of cryptoassets in his company. He begins with the description of a role of Luke Jenkins who was a part of team within at least a year, being responsible for account and storage of all data on cryptocurrency payments.

the Director of McAfee is sure that Jenkins has appropriated millions of tokens which were the property of the company, including air and bitcoin. Luke Jenkins's holding bears responsibility for digital assets and refuses to give from fifty to hundred million dollars (depending on the current market value). The McAfee team will carry out careful accounting of each token, however millions of coins, according to the director, have been appropriated, and tens of millions of dollars in an equivalent have been stolen by Luke Jenkins.

Jimmy Watson insists that all charges can be checked through correspondence by e-mail, registration files, smart contracts and the records blockchain. The company has already begun to make the list of some losses confirming charge.

Now the company conducts investigation concerning each sum and has distributed a warning to legal departments, creators of tokens, to investors and the CEOs of the cryptoexchanges. Jimmy Watson has also noted that he personally received complaints to HITBTC, TopBTC and Yobit.

is Now conducted internal check about 30 various addresses, including two addresses of members of the team. McAfee notes that all current employees of Team McAfee are presented on the home page of the company. Also it asks users to be verified with this list and to declare immediately in case of fraud.



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