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5000 euros, dismantling or autocemetery: as there is a customs clearance of "eurometal plates"

Legalization of "eurometal plates", the law on which came into force on November 25, officially put on a stream.

Literally in couple of days, already on November 27, in the State Courier Service reported on a customs clearance of the first car on euronumbers at the Chernivtsi customs. And by November 28, that is actually for the fourth day of work of the law (one of which was day off) it is recorded already 15 cars issued by new rules for which drivers paid in the budget about 900 thousand UAH

However, these reports of tax specialists, to put it mildly, surprised "evroblyakher". "The law was adopted, but there is no customs clearance order from the Cabinet of Ministers yet. In practice nobody can obtain customs clearance", - the cofounder of "Avtoyevrosila" Alexander Chernyavsky told "Country".

By the way, the Cabinet of Ministers after all accepted a temporary order of registration of a car, but, it is clear that the document did not manage to reach customs in the form of concrete instructions yet.

"customs officers say to Many "evroblyakher" who were interested in an opportunity to legalize a car that they do not know precisely yet that for this purpose it is necessary and as all this will work therefore advise to wait", - the car expert Sergey Kreymer says.

In parallel emerge other problems. First, it is not clear what to do with documents on a car (and for a customs clearance the contract of purchase and sale and an export invoice are at least necessary). Many "evroblyakher" bought a car without them, and now it will be not so simple to receive the necessary package of papers also the main thing - expensively.

Secondly, some "metal plates" it will be impossible to prepare for a legal customs clearance at all, and for such allegedly collection points on the spare part already opened (and, offer owners real kopeks - from 50 euros). Whether drivers will begin to spend spare cash and nerves to get the Ukrainian numbers, or to the last will go by "metal plates" (on renewal gave 180 days) - still not clearly.

"Country" understood as there will take place legalization of "eurometal plates" and as it as a result will affect the car used prices in Ukraine.

the Instruction for "blyakher"
"gave to the State Courier Service the beautiful picture about the first cleared car - Renault Laguna of 2004 of release, 50 thousand UAH of taxes in the budget. The customs clearance took literally two days. But on closer examination - "ears" stick out. It turns out that the customs estimated the cost of this car at 1.6 thousand euros. While in Europe it costs 2.5 thousand euros, and our customs officers are inclined to overestimate rather, than to underestimate the vehicle price on which then there are all taxes. The second strangeness in this story - as the owner managed to drive for these couple of days in a car place of registration, to strike it there off the register, to process export documents. Especially as the border was blocked all these days by other "blyakher" - "peresichnyka" (protests flashed because need at each entrance on a car on "metal plates" to Ukraine is stated in the new law to leave financial pledge at a rate of car customs clearance cost. - An editor's note)", - Sergey Kreymer analyzes the press release of the State Courier Service. It is sure by

that the customs arranged to show a little



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