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3 more American states have legalized hemp. What is going on?

Marijuana - in masses?

Residents of three more American states have voted for marijuana legalization, reports 9News. In states Michigan, Missouri and Utah have allowed to use hemp on medical indications and also in the recreational purposes.

So, Michigan has become the first state on the Midwest and the 10th state in the USA where have completely legalized marijuana.

the Law on legalization of hemp in Michigan has supported most of its inhabitants (and it taking into account that in the state republicans and elderly Americans live in the basic).

, obviously, has influenced the choice of michiganets the fact that in the neighboring Canada sale of marijuana was legalized in the middle of October.

In Missouri have allowed to use marijuana only in the medical purposes. Residents of the state will be able to receive cannabis on doctor's orders or in medical institutions, or to grow up at home (up to six plants of hemp). "Thanks to efforts of patients and lawyers, residents of Missouri will be able soon to use marijuana in the medical purposes, without being afraid that they with them for it will treat as criminals", - Mathew Shvaych, one of initiators of the project on cannabis legalization has told. The similar decision has been made also in Utah. This state is considered one of the most conservative in the USA. Here the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has still huge influence on life of people, she is visited by about 60% of residents of Utah. representatives of church have begun with

several weeks prior to vote active propaganda against legalization of marijuana in Utah. According to them, such innovation is the first step on the way to full legalization of cannabis.

A it contradicts laws of church - her members are forbidden to take alcohol, coffee, drugs and to smoke tobacco.

to Authorities of the state was succeeded to agree with representatives of church: to residents of Utah have forbidden to grow up independently marijuana, they can receive it only through the doctor and only in specialized public institutions.

In Northern Dakota vote on the issue of legalization of marijuana has failed. we Will remind

: medical marijuana is often used to stop symptoms of serious diseases. For example, she helps to get rid of nausea to people who pass chemotherapy, improves appetite at patients with AIDS and also removes muscular spasms.

have legalized it in Canada Recently though many doctors against.

What do you think of marijuana legalization? Whether it is necessary to allow people to use marijuana on medical indications?

of Lazarenko Yuli.



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