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3 mistakes during food, because of which at you heartburn, locks and a diarrhea

3 mistakes during food, because of which at you heartburn, locks and a diarrhea
Never make them.

Most of people dream of a sexual and slender body today, but they do not even know that some their habits harmless in appearance can cause the return, Read And Digest writes. many of us suffered from

- and suffer - from an abdominal distension after a meal.

Here habits which you need to avoid:

1. You wash down food with water.

Water is important, but the use of a large amount of water during food can lead to diarrhea and swelling.

Decision: drink waters for an hour to or after a meal. If you cannot do without water during food in any way - be limited to one small drink.

2. You mix starch and protein.

Is known that protein is capable to slow down digestion speed, and starches pass into simple sugar much quicker.

Decision: at first eat starch, then protein. And even better do not mix them together.

3. You drink ice water before food.

Ice water narrows blood vessels therefore interferes with ability of an organism easily to digest food and to absorb more nutrients.

Ice water promotes hardening of fats which you already ate that, finally, will result in difficulties in digestion.

Decision: drink water of room temperature. Before food you can also drink hot water or green tea.

A you make these mistakes?

of Christina Zvarych.



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