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38 secrets which hide from you world famous logos

They aren't so simple as it seems!

We know that the companies constantly try to cheat us - tell about "the new, improved compounding", wrap old goods in new brilliant packing. But besides obvious receptions, there are also more cunning ways of impact on subconsciousness which many known brands use. the Leading corporations not for nothing pay in

a lot of money to designers, marketing specialists and psychologists for development of creative logos which are engraved to consumers in the memory.

22 Words gives 38 examples of such logos of which value you never thought:

1. FedEx.

the Logo of this delivery service is known around the world. But whether you paid attention that between "E" and "x" the white arrow - a symbol of speed and accuracy has hidden?

2. FedEx (in Arab).

Is interesting that in the Arab version of a logo of FedEx the arrow was forgotten too. The truth she is sent to other party - Arabs read from right to left!

3. Wendy’s.

has hidden Wendy's restaurant, Popular in America, in the logo the word "Mom" ("mother") ciphered at Wendy in a collar. It is a hint on the fact that they have home cuisine - if only mothers cooked hamburgers and served ketchup a la carte!

4. Pittsburgh zoo.

Look narrowly: the white space on the parties of a tree hides in itself muzzles of a gorilla and a lion who have stared at each other. It seems to us that from this fight the lion would come out the winner. After all king of beasts, whatever you may say!

5. Chick-fil-A.

the Logo of the American network of chicken restaurants Chick-fil-A includes the chicken stylized under the letter "C". Though it is pretty obvious example.

6. NBC.

often call This TV company "peacock network" so in this case everything is quite obvious. But not all know that each feather represents one of divisions of NBC (at the time of creation of the company - now them more), and the head of a peacock watches to the right that it symbolizes advance.

7. Amazon.

On a logo of Amazon is not only a smile, but also the arrow going from "a" to "z" - that is "from And to I" if in Russian. Means that in this shop there is everything from And to
8. Baskin Robbins.

Network of ice-cream bars is famous for the fact that offers 31 grades of ice cream (allegedly in order that visitors could order a different grade in every day of month). Look at their logo - and you will see number "31" in initials of "BR"!

9. Formula One. Carry out

by eyes on a logo of the well-known auto racing - and you will notice that the empty space in the middle develops in figure "1".

10. Tostitos.

the Corn Tostitos chips have hidden the real fiesta in the logo. Yes, two letters "t" dip chips in the bowl with sauce representing a point over "i"!

11. Atlanta Falcons.

the Logo of the American soccer team "Atlantsky Falcons" is the falcon stylized under the letter "F", the first letter in the word "Falcons" ("falcons"). Cool!

12. Goodw



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