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30 magnificent councils for your beauty and health!

1. For fight against wrinkles grease a face with honey.

2. It is useful to apply castor oil before going to bed.

3. At a hair loss rub burdock infusion in head skin.

4. Grease with the remains of a squeezed orange hands and elbows.

5. At roughness of skin of hands to rub starch to rough places.

6. As powder it is possible to use a small amount of starch.

7. For dehumidification of an oily hair every day or every other day rub tea leaves of black tea in head skin.

8. It is useful to do a peeling of a body of a coffee thick which necessary quantity can be collected for several days.

9. Freshly squeezed juice of a sea-buckthorn is recommended as a mask for dry skin (1-1,5 tablespoons).

10. Hair will gain color of mahogany if when coloring to add 3-4 spoons of cocoa to packing of henna.

11. At baldness every day to rub jojoba oil in head skin.

12. Infusion of flowers of elder bleaches, softens and tones up dry skin.

13. For moistening of dry and sensitive skin for the night to put the jojoba oil mixed with a small amount of water on a face.

14. When darkening nails regularly for half an hour before meal to drink on one tablespoon of a cucumber brine.

15. For improvement of complexion to do masks of mix of honey and salt which have the rejuvenating effect.

16. Radio oils of a lavender and a tea tree are natural antiseptics which helps to struggle with spots.

17. In the morning and to wipe a face with the tea made in mineral water with a sugar piece in the evening. Is suitable for any skin.

18. Regular drink of mint tea gives to face skin freshness and a pinkish shade.

19. It is useful to oil eyebrows and eyelashes castor or mix of castor oil with rum.

20. For deep cleaning of face skin to use the shaken-up egg yolk and lemon juice. To put on a face layers.

21. For mitigation of hands rub in them mix from equal parts of vinegar and vegetable oil.

22. Before going to bed to grease a face and hands with mix from equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice.

23. Apply mix of dry porridge with water and simple yogurt to face cleansing.

24. At spots the mask from grated apple and a small amount of honey well helps.

25. At pregnancy to grease a stomach with cocoa butter in order to avoid emergence of extensions.

26. To dilute fresh juice of a kalanchoe with water (1:3) and to do lotions at an allergy.

27. Folk Iranian remedy for strengthening of hair - a mask from the colourless henna divorced warm kefir.

28. For strengthening of hair rub the boiled soft buckwheat.

29. For a fine hair do a mask of the shaken-up one yolk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

30. At a hair loss for an hour before washing rub in head skin mix from equal amount of castor oil and rum.



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