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29 steps to becoming the lousy parent

Councils of wise mother.

of Kate Forster, mother of two almost adult children, has shared the view of education of children in the blog Katebook. "I deliberated

education of children. My children almost adult. Younger there were only 6 months up to 18 years.

Both of my children exclusive. Comic, clever, hardworking, kind, strong, and they have developed feeling of social justice. I am proud of the role in their education and I rejoice that they managed not to suffer from errors of my education.

As I become more senior, I see what has changed a situation and that isn't present where I have spent energy for nothing and where I was the rights. My conclusions are also based on observation of other children and their families and of those who lived in my house far from the parents. It was several of them.

to Me was necessary to argue with mothers who don't understand why their child wanted to commit suicide because of their terrifying education. I have taken

of One of such children on education. His mother has refused to stop drinking and expelling the impudent boyfriend.

called Me the desperate children who didn't know what to do, and needed council. I took away from parks at 4 o'clock in the morning of drunk teenage girls, I pulled out children from fights. I said to parents that they have so strongly gone too far that their child stood on the edge of a roof, ready to jump.

Ya consoled the child when his mother has committed suicide and he has found her body. I taught children how to establish borders between them and parents. I listened when my own children tell me as I can become better.

So, here my list "is impossible" in education of children: Be not a parent animal. Don't demand that they did that don't want. If you like a violin, it doesn't mean that it is pleasant to your child. At first they will hate her, and then and you... Therefore begin to look for the psychologist if already you do it. You don't press on them with study. Let will find what is pleasant to them, and will focus on it. Remember that not each child becomes have to the manager, also working professions are now appreciated. Don't leave from children for a long time and don't leave their one. I don't speak about days off when they remain with grandmothers and grandfathers. I speak about long departures which children remember for a long time. Also become angry about it. Don't give to children a lecture about harm of alcohol if you drink every evening. You don't speak to the children that they didn't try drugs. They will be. You won't be able to stop them. Instead educate them about consequences. Tell them that they had sex when they are ready when fall in love. Let's make him the decision based on their feelings and self-knowledge. Teach them to laugh at yourself more often than over others. Teach them to consciousness. But not to egoism. Don't worry about the teacher of the 2nd class. Ten years later you don't remember his name. Help the child to learn what is pleasant to him and to construct around it the interests and joint activity. Ask them to try something 10 times before they a resha



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