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25 stars which someone has seen in usual life - and I haven't believed that they are such

Real stories of real people.

Many people agree that there is nothing worse, than to meet the idol and to realize that in reality he is an awful person.

We heard everything (some of us even met) about celebrities which are rude at any opportunity, and in a shot try to look lovely and "fluffy", Bored Panda writes.

Fortunately, apparently, that the vast majority of celebrities - really pleasant people are also respectful to the admirers. Don't you trust us? Below you will find

the list of short stories from ordinary people, about the most pleasant and friendly meetings with celebrities.

"Jim Carrey has thrown me on gas station after I finished gasoline. I have told him that I am a great admirer of Ace Ventura, and I am even able to parody his laughter. After very amusing conversation both of us have put out the heads from car windows! He has paid for gasoline and has brought me back to my car. One of the greatest moments in my life! "

"I ran on the San Francisco beach in 1988 and have suddenly seen Robin Williams sitting in the van. I have told: "How are you, Mr. Williams?" He has answered: "I is excellent. And you run from police officers?" I have burst out laughing and so we have talked with him about 5 minutes. It was absolutely delightful. Reminiscence, very valuable to me. I have begun to cry when I have heard about his death".

"Keanu Reeves. I remember how I have met him during walk across New York when I was young and, probably, very irritating teenager. I have shouted: "Yohe, Neo!" I have also disgustingly repeated his movement evading from bullets from "Matrix".

He has looked back, has laughed and has repeated the same movement in acknowledgement of. Remarkable reminiscence! When I remember that silly guy... I understand that very few people seriously will apprehend the annoying child, but he could! I will never forget it".

"My sister worked as the waitress in New York and so happened that she was lucky to serve Patrick Stewart's little table. She didn't want to disturb him therefore she has just made the work, but at the end of the evening she nevertheless has decided to tell him as strongly he was pleasant to her in Hamlet (2009) and that she will be glad to see his participation in any theatrical performances in the city.

my sister was ready not to distract it any more, but, probably, it was in such delight from the fact that someone knows and loves other his works (but not "Star Trek" or "X-Men") that eventually I have talked to her about the experience on the stage. Just very good guy who loves theater". "Bruce Willis has told

to me that "I as the Spiderman". When I have come into a supermarket and I needed to take something from the most top shelf (and then I still was not such high, as now), I have leaned the elbows on a regiment and have reached a thing necessary to me.

Then I side sight have noticed that some guy attentively looks at me and only in a second I have understood that it is Bruce Willis! He has praised my abilities".

"Tom Hanks - just the best. He faced me with full a body



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