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25 most influential books about business from ever written

Recipes of successful people.

Warren Buffett is the most skilled investor of our time, has told that a key to success is reading at least 500 pages a day because "knowledge so works, it is created as difficult interest". For this reason Bill Gates reads to

50 books every year, and Mark Zuckerberg has set a goal to read at least one day a week.

Businessmen understand that reading is important for generation of the new ideas, ways of thinking and receiving difficult set of various knowledge. it can help

I with business, it isn't important, whether the book it with lessons of small startups or 2500-year volume about warfare. Business insider has collected 25 most influential books about business which should be read if you strive for success:

1. "Business adventures" of John Brooks. Bill Gates has written

in the blog that Warren Buffett not only recommended it as the favourite book about business, but also has actually sent to Gates the personal copy for reading. Gates writes that he even later after the publication "Business Adventures" remains 40 years the best business book which he ever read. These noticeable and fascinating accounts are relevant for understanding of subtleties of corporate life today.

2. "The intellectual investor" of Benjamin Graham.

the biggest investment adviser of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham, taught and inspired people from different corners of the world. The philosophy of "valuable investment" of Graham which protects investors from essential mistakes and teaches them to develop long-term strategies has made "The intellectual investor" by the Bible in the stock market from the moment of her initial publication in 1949.

Warren Buffett refers to "The intellectual investor as to "the best book about investment ever written".

3. "Dilemma of the innovator: the revolutionary book which will change your business" Clayton of M. Christensen. Painting with

both progress, and failures of leading companies as the management, "The innovator's dilemma" gives you a set of rules for use of a phenomenon of destructive innovations.

Steve Jobs used this book as an explanation of one of the reasons on which Apple had to possess cloud computing and often is associated both with Jobs, and with Jeff Bezos.

4. "Outsiders: eight nonconventional heads and their considerably rational plan of success" William N. Torndayk.

What defines the successful CEO? Most of people give definition: "the skilled manager with deep branch examination". Others can point to qualities of today's so-called heads of celebrities - charisma, skills of communication with the virtuoso and secure style of management.

But what is really important when you operate the organization? What distinctive feature of exclusive productivity of the CEO? In other words, it is income for shareholders of this company in the long term.

5. "How to win friends and to influence on Luda



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