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25 anti-inflammatory products: the best way to remove an old age

25 anti-inflammatory products: the best way to remove an old age
Eat every day.

Inflammation is a main reason not only diseases, but also and intestines dysfunction which many of us test daily.

Impact of food on inflammation is known long ago, but at last the list of products which can save you from problems in the future was created, Mind Body Green writes.

Here 25 products which help to fight against inflammation:

1. Bilberry.

Bilberry has the high level of antioxidants and, therefore, is a powerful tool against inflammation.

you can also freeze these berries to indulge yourself with vitamins in the winter.

2. Bone broth.

Doctors claim that bone broth - the inflammation fighter. You can do of it in soups or freeze and add to first courses in preparation time.

3. Apples. If you want to

some sweet after a lunch, cut apple on cubes and fry it with an oil drop, cardamom, cinnamon, a pinch of salt and vanilla extract until apples are softened and will begin to korichnevet.

Such dessert not only tasty, but also useful at inflammations.

4. Raspberry.

to Malines can be used in cocktails, and it is possible to have a bite these sweet berries without any additions.

5. Arugula.

Arugula - very useful and vitamin-rich type of greens. You can bake, cook, do it of it puree and sauces, but the main thing the fact that it prevents inflammations!

6. Pistachios. Let's look at

to the truth in eyes: pistachios - the best nut in the world! Possessing bright green color and fleshy, rich texture, they perfectly are suitable for vegetable salads, from them delightful nut oil, and still - incomparable pistachio ice cream turns out!

I in general, to have a bite pistachios is an excellent idea.

7. Spinach.

If you not really love spinach in salads, can make of it useful vitamin cocktail. Add more vegetables there and enjoy its curative effect!

8. Garlic.

Garlic has powerful aroma and can be used completely to change your crown dishes!

Council: before preparing, cut garlic and let's it stand to activate curative properties (it needs about 20 minutes).

9. Turmeric.

the Turmeric is a universal spice. It can be suitable both for salads, and for the main meat courses. Scientists confirmed to

effectiveness of a turmeric for rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases thanks to its rich structure.

10. Tomatoes.

Lycopene, anti-inflammatory connection in tomatoes, actually only increases when cooking this vegetable. Therefore be not too lazy, and make tomato paste or juice for the winter.

11. Cocoa.

Ah, cocoa, all of us very much love you. Cocoa is what will be ideal for any cake and a sit-round gathering with the book in the cold fall.

Moreover, cocoa can become a fine dessert. It is enough to add to it a little measles



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