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20 body pains, which reason - in emotions, but not in diseases

How many them at you?

of the Research show that body pain isn't always connected with physical injuries. She can be also caused by emotional problems, El Show Curioso writes.

Unfortunately, the way of life full of bad habits is the reason of many diseases.

But here 20 types of physical pain which can be connected with an emotional state. It will help you to understand and improve various aspects of your life.

Here that you need to know about body pains:

1. Headache.

you suffer because of the unaccepted decision. Let yourself a little time think and try to solve this problem.

After all, a headache is not jokes.

2. Muscular pain. to you it is very difficult to

to move on life therefore it is necessary to analyse, what are you doing not and why the fear or constraint limits you.

3. Neck pain. you can't forgive to

. Think that you love in yourself and in others, try to get up to the place of other person, or at all to release this thought. Is angry eternally - only to torment itself.

4. Gum pain.

This pain is also connected with head. You can't make the decision, or aren't sure of it. Try to decide that it is important for you: place priorities.

5. Shoulder pain.

This pain is connected with big emotional loading - you bear others burden.

you have to focus on the life and not worry because of problems of other people. At least, not so strongly!

6. Stomach pain.

This type of pain is connected with how you "digest" life. Find for yourself more time and have a rest. Affairs can sometimes wait.

7. Upper back pain.

you don't feel emotional support, you don't feel favourite or valuable.

you Will delete people to whom you aren't necessary, from the life. Be not afraid - then you will understand that it only on advantage.

8. Lower back pain.

It means that you have many money problems therefore you have to make the accurate plan to put the finance in order.

9. Sacrum and tailbone pain.

you run away from a situation which you need to face as soon as possible.

Council: it is the best of all to meet her now as soon as possible to find the solution.

10. Elbow pain.

you resist changes which happen in your life. But they can really be very useful, - continue to do what you love. It will help you to think more clearly.

11. Hand pain.

you bear responsibility of other person. Analyse a situation and wonder: "Eventually, why I bear what doesn't belong to me?! "

12. Wrist pain.

you can't reach what you want. Try to become more risky and to worry not too about the future.

13. Hip pain. It is connected by

with that, what do you think of people. You need to communicate more often with family and friends to support this unique связ



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