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180 kilometers of horror: why still haven't repaired the route "Nikolaev-Kropivnitsky"

The route "Nikolaev-Kropivnitsky" in the people have nicknamed the road of hell: deep holes, crests, hollows exist here long ago and every year the condition of the carriageway only worsens.

About it there is a speech in a plot JEDIS.

For journalists began good old tradition - to come every year to Nikolaev-Kropivnitsky Route to check whether have begun to construct the new concrete road here. It is noted that it is already the third visit of film crew, and here doesn't even smell of new "concrete road".

of 180 kilometers of horror, road to hell, death for running as soon as drivers don't call this road. In 2017 here the covering was partially restored, but in a year of repair as though wasn't.

- In the Nikolaev region because of greed and desire of a profit from unfair automobile carriers automobile network has been almost completely destroyed, - the representative of Ukravtodor Alexander Kawa has commented on a condition of the road.

As is noted by the journalist, the main problem - not quality of performance of a roadwork, and the fact that there are trucks with mad overload.

Annually Nikolaev ports ship twenty five million tons of freights. Their lion's share is carried on Kropivnitsky-Nikolaev Route. Any asphalt road won't be able to sustain such loading. Ukravtodor assures - money for the new, heavy-duty cement and concrete road at last has found.

- Can perform works in full for 2-3 years on condition of existence of stable rhythmical financing. To execute capital repairs of this road 2 billion hryvnias are completely necessary. This year only 200 million are directed to this road, - Alexander Kawa has told.

at the same time local drivers not really believe that "concrete road" will appear here.




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