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14 accurate signs that your kidneys work not as have to

Unevident signs.

We is constant something intellectually or are physically busy because of what not simply we notice what happens to our body.

But a human body is arranged in such a way that always warns about emergence of problems, Troab writes.

If not to understand or to react to these signals, then it is possible to face serious consequences. And it is especially important to do not miss failure in work of kidneys.

Here 14 important signs which are sent us by an organism if kidneys badly work.

1. Problems with a dream.

the Human body gets rid of toxins with urine which is produced by kidneys. However, if kidneys do not function, as usual, toxins are not removed and poison an organism. High level of these toxins can affect your dream that leads to insomnia.

the Chronic disease of kidneys can give a syndrome to апноэ which causes one or several pauses in breath during sleep. It can affect quality of life, and even means a certain health hazard.

3. General fatigue, fever, headaches and weakness.

of the Kidney perform the vital function of transformation of vitamin D for producing erythropoietin (EPO). ERO is the hormone necessary for production of erythrocytes. When kidneys not for 100% are functional, production of EPO decreases, and it leads to decrease in quantity of the produced erythrocytes.

Red blood cages are responsible for transportation of oxygen to all parts of a body. When less erythrocytes are formed, less oxygen is transported to all parts of a body that, in turn, causes fast muscular and brain fatigue.

4. Anemia.

U of those who have a chronic disease of kidneys especially in cases of 20-50% of function of kidneys, often develops anemia. She says in fatigue, pallor, white spots on a face and fatigue even after a dream.

5. Itch and dry skin.

of the Kidney delete waste and excess liquid from an organism. It increases development of erythrocytes and promotes maintenance of content of minerals and nutrients in an organism. When kidneys do not maintain balance mineral and nutrients, skin begins to itch and dry. There are a hyperpegmentation, rashes and even a subtle yellow shade.

6. Stale breath and metal smack.

If because of unsatisfactory work of kidneys in an organism collect waste, it changes taste of food, leaving metal smack in a mouth.

Stale breath and a smell of ammonia - one more sure sign of accumulation of toxins in a blood-groove because of the wrong functioning of kidneys. Problems with kidneys influence appetite, and it leads to excessive and unhealthy loss of weight.

7. Short wind.

Short wind is also a symptom of a disease of kidneys. It happens because of excess of the liquid getting into lungs. Anemia at which oxygen is not transported properly by red blood cells can be other factor causing short wind.



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