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13 psychological tricks which will help you to cope with uneasiness

Helps all!

Disturbing frustration - nearly most widespread and underestimated mental diseases. Millions of people suffer from uneasiness, but those who didn't face it can't imagine, what is it.

of Awareness Act reports that only in the USA there are about 40 million adults with disturbing frustration. These frustration take the most different forms - two identical aren't. If you faced them, you know how it.

Fortunately, psychologists have developed clever tricks which allow to outwit a brain and to prevent a stress avalanche.

Here 13 such cunnings:

1. Write down the feelings.

Yes, write down. To keep these records or not - your business. You can burn them, you can make of them the diary, but the main thing - to pour the forth on the letter.

2. You spend time with a pet. you are surprised to

, it is how useful to spend time with a favourite pet! You will feel more weakened and darlings. Communication between the pet and the owner is incredibly strong.

3. Laugh.

Laughter - an excellent way to allow the organism to release what has collected in soul. It seems strange, but works, upon my life! Try!

4. You speak about yourself well.

If you say about yourself scurrilous things, then you will nastily feel. You want to be anxious less - inspire in yourself the positive attitude towards yourself. It helps with the most different situations.

5. You breathe consciously.

When you begin to fly into a rage, pay attention to breath. You breathe deeply and fully. Allow breath to relax you.

6. Meditate.

Take a break and meditate. Meditation will allow you to clean thoughts and to relax. And it will help to see everything from a different angle.

7. Observe, but don't condemn. Watch

own thoughts and all other without condemnation. The more we condemn ourselves, the we do more harm. You have to encourage yourself, but not defame.

8. Focus on a present situation.

Focus on the present, but not on the past or the future. Live the current moment as far as it is possible. Work on it every day.

9. Paint.

Buy a coloring - and forward! Pick up drawings to yourself for taste and dare to relax. Quite perhaps, it will be pleasant to you even more, than it was pleasant in the childhood.

10. Use the calming visualization.

Think of someone or something expensive to you. Send imagination to far places. Allow the thoughts to leave from surrounding reality at least for a moment.

11. Plunge into music. Music perfectly helps

at uneasiness. Put on earphones and listen to the fact that to you it is close. Music gives to most of people much.

12. Use essential oils. Find

aroma which relaxes you, and you hold him near at hand. Use him for relaxation in stresses



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