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13 photos how poor and rich areas in Africa, India and Mexico differ

Here and live.

Aerial photographs of the photographer Johnny Miller show a drama gap between the rich and the poor in the cities of South Africa, Mexico and India.

of the Photo are a part of the project which he has begun in April, 2016 to emphasize inequality, BBC writes. the South African photographer says

: "Since that moment as you land in Cape Town, you will be surrounded by hovels".

"Literally, hovels. Near the airport. You have to pass about 10 minutes at last to see richer suburbs where there live exclusive people (including me)". Miller continues

: "It is the status quo in Cape Town, in South Africa and in many parts of the world, but I categorically against it".

"Paraphrasing Barack Obama, I consider that inequality is the defining task of this generation".

you can notice the borders consisting of fences, roads or wetlands between the rich and the poor. On the one hand hovels and small lodges, and with another rich houses and mansions are visible. "I determine by

where it is better to take pictures by means of various tools... combinations of data of a census, cards, news messages and communication with people".

"As soon as I will find the necessary area, I find her on Google Earth and I try to make flight plan, including taking into account air law, safety of flights, personal security, operating time of the battery, range, weather, a corner, time of day and many other factors". As do you consider

whether there has to be such abyss between the poor and the rich?

of Christina Zvarych.



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