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13 abnormal signs of bad health which you can correct

13 abnormal signs of bad health which you can correct
The main thing - the nobility.

In a human body at the same time occurs a huge number of processes. If there is a failure, all bodies and systems suffer, ReinventingAging writes. Therefore it is very important to understand signals which are sent us by an organism in case of any malfunctions.

Here 13 important symptoms which signal about malfunctions in an organism:

1) Thirst for chalk and ice.

Addiction to chalk arises at infection with parasites and the shortage of minerals (for example, calcium). Also it can testify to the low level of hemoglobin.

Eating of ice is an ancient reflex for improvement of blood supply of a brain, symptom of iron deficiency anemia, hypotonia or the lowered tone.

2) Length of fingers.

If a forefinger is shorter anonymous, the probability of development of osteoarthritis of knee joints increases twice, especially at women. It is all about the reduced concentration of the estrogen connected with these two factors.

Such conclusions were drawn by scientists from the University in Nottingham who have seen a structure of hands at more than 2,000 people.

3) Hypostasis of legs.

Usually hypostasis of legs arises because of fatigue, a heat, inconvenient footwear, intensive load of legs. But sometimes the reporting arises owing to a renal failure, varicose veins, thrombosis, heart failure, diseases of a thyroid gland.

At hypostases of legs and for their prevention use medical ointments on the basis of heparin and a routine. Also for removal of tension and fatigue of legs accept special trays. With the same purpose linen compression is recommended to wear and convenient shoes.

4) Constant itch.

the Constant itch can be symptom of an allergy or hypersensibility of skin. He arises in the presence of problems with a liver. Skin diseases are followed by an itch and also blisters, spots, bubbles, etc.

Often the reason of a skin itch too there are cosmetics, paints or coverings of fabrics, juice of some plants (a nettle, a cow-parsnip). If the itch lasts more than two weeks, surely see a doctor.

5) Black kcal.

Kal black color at the person can appear after the use of such products as beet, prunes, grapes of red grades, etc. and also after reception of antibiotics and sorbents (the black activated coal, aspirin, nola, an ibuprofen).

Provoke emergence of a chair of black color such pathologies as a stomach ulcer, sharp limfoblastny a leukosis, varicose expansion of veins of a gullet, a tumor in a stomach, inflammatory process in intestines and a gullet.

6) Cognitive violations.

to People with cognitive frustration is difficult to be engaged in brainwork, they have serious problems with memory, they badly are guided in space, hardly are at loss for words during the conversation. various neurologic, psychiatric, vascular diseases, craniocereberal injuries, brain tumors can Lead

to emergence of cognitive violations.

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