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11 side effects of epiduralny anesthesia about which nobody tells

11 side effects of epiduralny anesthesia about which nobody tells
But your mother suffered...

Mothers should be careful with epiduralny anesthesia, Feedy TV writes.

of Epiduralnaya anesthesia is a widespread type of anesthesia at the time of delivery. However it has a number of serious consequences for health.

apply Usually epiduralny anesthesia during the fights to kill pain and to facilitate childbirth. For the first time this equipment began to be used at the beginning of the 20th century, but only 70 years later it became standard.

Of course, epiduralny anesthesia has the advantages, but it is impossible to forget also about minuses.

Let's understand this question.

What is epiduralny anesthesia?

of Epiduralnaya anesthesia is the type of a local anesthesia blocking a separate part of the body pain. The procedure purpose - an analgeziya (boleutoleniye), but not anesthesia (lack of sensitivity). Epiduralny anesthesia blocks nervous signals from the lower sites of a backbone that lowers sensitivity of a lower body.

Effects of epiduralny anesthesia.

1. Pain and the lowered pressure. during an injection the needle can touch with

nerves in legs that causes an acute pain. According to researches, the procedure increases probability of hypotension.

2. Immovability.

After anesthetic introduction the patient has to lie in a bed. It cannot go and move. Her legs lose sensitivity, and this state lasts till five o'clock after the delivery.

3. Loss of sensitivity of legs.

Long-term effect of epiduralny anesthetics - loss of sensitivity in legs after the delivery. Sometimes it is followed by pains or feeling of cold in feet.

4. Inconvenient pose.

When the doctor enters an injection into epiduralny space, the patient needs to be bent and stand in this pose of 10-15 minutes. It is very inconvenient with a pot-belly.

5. Carrying catheter.

Before epiduralny anesthesia the doctor connects a catheter to watch blood pressure. Therefore the patient should carry this catheter during food, a dream and even in a toilet.

6. Anesthesia can cause headaches.

This effect is observed approximately at one patient from hundred. Within several days after the procedure there can be severe headaches.

7. Sometimes pain at fights is all the same felt. In certain cases anesthesia does not save

from pain at fights. It can be caused by catheter shift. In such cases it is necessary to tell the doctor.

8. Consciousness loss.

When anesthetic begins to work, some fall into the state close to a dream. Others have an indifferent relation to childbirth. As a result they do not remember the procedure of childbirth.

9. Nausea.

Anesthesia makes not only sick after the delivery, but also an itch, especially in a face. Besides, problems with urination because of loss of sensitivity are possible.

10. Back pains.

of Pain in a back after the delivery is a common symptom. However after epiduralny anesthesia of pain in a back can be stronger than usual. <



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