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10 things which you did not know about a human brain and its opportunities

Use them!

Human mind is improbable. It can help to reach any tops, to embody our dreams and to achieve the most difficult objectives. However, if we want all this, we at first need to understand the basic principles of work of our brain, Thinking Humanity writes.

1. For our mind there is no difference between reality and imagination.

Human mind reacts to each thought and even to the facts from imagination. That is why people who like to look at the world through pink glasses, as a rule, feel more happily, and our body accepts placebo as though it is the real pharmaceutical product.

2. Mental work does not tire our brain.

Feeling of fatigue of a brain results from our emotions. The composition of the blood proceeding through our brain during its active work does not change. However, for example, blood from a vein of the person who works all day considerably changes.

3. Most often the brain works automatically.

More than a half of our today's thoughts are thoughts of yesterday. That is why it is so difficult to pessimists to change how they see the world. They have to "clean" literally the mind and regularly represent positive things.

4. We see what we think of.

Any thoughts turn into our life experience. For example, if you dream of a trip to Rome, you will see reminders on this city everywhere. If you want to change something in the world, change how you think, first of all.

5. The same as muscles, a brain needs training.

the Brain does not differ from our muscles: it also needs training. Studying, trainings in the fresh air, a healthy diet, a healthy sleep, trips and travel, new hobbies, maintaining notes, dances and a musical game are useful to our brain.

6. The brain has never a rest.

Even when we sleep, our brain continues to work. Besides, its activity is even higher at night than when we are awake.

7. It is extremely important to unload a brain from time to time.

If we do not want to drown in our negative thoughts, we need "to be closed" that we did not damage to our immune system. Active holiday is the most useful type of rest for our brain.

8. It is necessary to forget that we kept flexibility of our nervous system.

"to keep" our new memoirs, our mind has to get rid of old. Would be great if we could decide that we want to remember and what to forget. Would help with it if we used information which we wanted to keep, more often.

9. The brain is insensitive to pain.

our brain reacts to pain, but does not feel it because it has no necessary receptors. However it does not belong to blood vessels, nerves and fabrics which surround a brain.

10. We can change our brain if we want.

Any activity forces a brain to generate new neural communications. Therefore if we think that we cannot achieve advance, this idea will only strengthen on



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