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10 products which will clean your arteries without any drugs

The clogged arteries cause atherosclerosis which can lead to various diseases and heart failure. Therefore we will tell

about 10 most useful products which will help to clean your arteries naturally:

1. Garlic.

Garlic is used for treatment of problems with health because of its uncountable medicinal properties for a long time. He protects from diseases of cardiovascular system and high blood pressure.

Numerous researches have shown that it is especially useful to prevention of a kaltsifikation of a coronary artery.

2. Grapes.

Having the high content of resveratrol, flavonoids and quercetin, grapes prevent accumulation of plaques on arterial walls.

It also reduces risk of formation of blood clots and diseases of heart.

3. Olive oil.

Numerous researches have confirmed advantage of this oil. It reduces cholesterol in blood.

Olive oil is full of monononsaturated fats which reduce the LDL level.

4. Fish.

the University of Southampton has conducted a research and has proved that fish, especially the tuna and a salmon, effectively prevents contamination of arteries as she is rich on an omega-3.

the Omega-3 fatty acids prevent formation of clots of blood, oxidation of cholesterol and accumulation of plaques in arteries.

5. Cranberry juice.

Only 3 cups of cranberry juice a week effectively clean arteries as he increases ability of cages to absorb fats and to develop energy.

Therefore cranberry juice prevents accumulation of fat in blood vessels.

6. Tomatoes.

One Korean research has shown that tomatoes are rich in lycopene which prevents hardening of arteries.

Lycopene is also responsible for red color of tomatoes, and, according to researches, their regular consumption reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases at women.

7. Kiwi and melon.

of the Kiwi and a melon have the high content of antioxidants therefore they effectively reduce the LDL level.

Only a few pieces of a melon and a kiwi in day will quickly clean arteries.

8. Porridge.

the High content of soluble fiber in porridge interferes with formation of cholesterol.

of the Research have confirmed that 1,5-2,5 cups of boiled porridge daily reduce cholesterol level by 20%.

9. Grenades.

of the Grenade also have the high content of antioxidants, and these are one of the most powerful fruit against consolidation of arteries.

protects This fruit from cholesterol accumulation, prevents development of atherosclerosis and injury of blood vessels.

10. Spinach.

Spinach is a rich source of potassium and folic acid therefore he prevents a hypertension, formation of cholesterol and successfully protects from heart failure.

Besides, it contains lutein which prevents the age makulyarny degeneration (AMD) in large numbers.



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