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10 most fashionable shades of clothes for Winter-2019

According to experts.

the Authoritative Institute of Panton color called fashionable colors of a season fall-winter 2018/2019. If you from those who don't want to lag behind the last trends we advise to listen to the words of experts: they know what they speak about!

of Welcome to ID publishes the complete list of the most important shades of a season:

1. Pantone 19-1536 "a red pear".

the Rich, deep shade under the name "red pear" heads the list of winter trends from Panton. This color on one shade differs from dark claret and it is good as a basis for a pattern, nail varnish and one million other options.

2. Pantone 18-1549 "valorous poppy".

"Valorous poppy" have been widely presented on podiums this year thanks to brightness of this shade red. This color has the tremendous depth and saturation; any dress in this color will remind of the dying-away heat of fall.

3. "Foggy-blue" Pantone 18-4048.

"Foggy-blue" represents the light party of twilight. This seasonal color looks through through foliage in the early evening and, undoubtedly, will become a basis of smart dresses. It is possible to claim safely that we will also see him in patterns and prints of this season.

4. Pantone 15-0850 "Ceylon yellow".

"Ceylon yellow" comprises a healthy dose green and at many is associated with mustard. And comparison with popular food or seasoning is always the good sign! This seasonal shade perfectly will approach products from skin and to accents.

5. Pantone 15-0625 "olives for Martini".

the shade of "olive for Martini" Chosen by Panton will be the ideal bridge between flowers which diversify an autumn palette. It is an ideal shade green for fall and winter, not too dark, deep and gloomy as many other autumn and winter shades.

6. Pantone 16-1255 "red orange".

"Red orange" - one of the brightest shades of this season having something in common with color of autumn foliage. This color perfectly will be suitable for fabrics and will look especially interestingly on nails. It is enough to put imagination to find for him thousands of applications.

7. Pantone 18-3838 "ultraviolet".

Colour of year according to Panton, "ultraviolet" represents a clean violet shade without prevalence any of its primary colors. It is very beautiful shade, deep and soft. Perhaps, no other color opens such open spaces for imagination and combination - it is perfectly combined with any of shades in this list and also with any basic autumn and winter flowers.

8. Pantone 15-3520 "crocus petal".

"A crocus petal" - the lightest, but also the most romantic of a seasonal Pantona palette. This soft shade reminds of the last remains of spring and summer bouquets, personifying firmness of gentle-lilac crocuses which are dismissed in anticipation of winter.

9. Pantone 12-0740 "limelight".

"Limelight" - color bright and "juicy" as Panton describes him. It is the lightest of bright colors of it



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