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Автомобили с высокой мощностью Топ-10 классических американских

USA and cars almost inseparable concepts. The big Detroit three moved many years world automotive industry forward, and eventually, Henry Ford has arranged the first-ever mass production of cars.

the Classical American car in representation of most of Europeans, is the big convenient sedan or the enormous pickup. But in not smaller degree in North America love fast cars, and not for nothing several decades ago the USA was covered by an era of legendary muscle cars - the sports cars equipped with powerful engines with a big volume and a large number of horsepowers under a cowl.

Is brought to your attention top-10 the best-known muscle cars of America according to the website 1967 Pontiacs GTO Many still consider this model by the first muscle car (the car with muscles) in the history. It is possible to argue with this statement, but with the fact that the car began one of the first monsters to argue on wheels it is useless.

In the 1964th year the car was equipped with the V8 engine of 6,4 liters which gave 325 horsepowers. It isn't enough to present measures? And now consider that it is about the 1964th. Later engine displacement has been increased up to 6,6 liters, and its power has increased up to 360 horses who helped a car to reach 100 km/h in 6,8 seconds - good time even at present.

Is curious that they took part in creation Russell Jim who was responsible in the Pontiac company for development and improvement of engines and also at that time the senior engineer of the company John De Lorean - that which then has founded the company which has released the legendary DeLorean DMC-12 car which has become the hero of a series of movies "Back to the Future". 1968 Plymouths Road Runner Hemi In the mid-sixties Chrysler Company has delivered before "daughter" to Plymouth a difficult task - to construct the supercar capable to pass classical for drags racings a quarter of mile (402 meters) less than in 14 seconds at the price for the ordinary consumer no more than 3000 dollars.

the Objectives has been achieved, though at the price of simplification of an interior and also removal of other elements of luxury. But it hasn't confused at all Americans who have raked model in number of 45 thousand units at initial plans of construction in couple of thousands.

Many still consider Road Runner by ideal muscle car, and his hottest version became 426 Hemi, equipped with the 7-liter motor on 425 horsepowers and 664 Nanometers of torque. Crazy figures! 1969 Fords Mustang Boss 429 Ford Mustang became a synonym of an era of muscle cars and to these remains their one most desired and available sports cars in the world. Not so long ago Ford has celebrated an exit from the conveyor of 10-million Mustang.

Despite the whole generations of classical Mustangs, the few will be compared on value to the Boss 429 version which was issued from 1969 to 1970. Each car was assembled manually, and all less than 1400 such cars have been released.

on the other hand, the engine in this version was not the most impressive - his 7 litas



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