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& #039; & #039; Terror and убийства' & #039;: the journalist has told about excesses of the famous ataman from & #039; & #039; ЛНР' & #039;

The so-called prosecutor's office of LPR has published protocols of interrogation of the Cossack ataman Sergey Kosogorov (Slope) which controlled the Red Beam of the Luhansk region until in 2015 he was arrested by terrorists of the ex-leader Igor Plotnitsky.

In the blog by the journalist Denis Kazansky is reported that the Cossack atamans though were at war against Ukraine, but didn't submit to terrorists. Because of it between them constantly there were conflicts while the Cossack gangs haven't been completely subordinated. The slope to the last sat in the Red Beam.

"About what was specifically done in the Red Beam by this comical moustached uncle and his gang just and can be considered it in the published materials of interrogations of the ataman. Interrogation begins with the biography of the Slope. At the beginning of the 90th he has managed to work as the cop, but has left the Ministry of Internal Affairs as he "didn't respect the Ukrainian coat of arms". I got secondary education in technical school in absentia", - Kazansky has told.

in protocols is told Further about his everyday life of the Cossacks in the Red Beam. At first a certain Kolintsov has been appointed the commandant of the city, however Kosogorov has disarmed and has arrested him.

"Besides, in the city also applied for the power the leader of other Cossack gang - Vyacheslav Petrov who didn't submit to Kozitsyn and controlled the local coal enterprises. In September-October Vyacheslav Petrov has occupied mines of the association "Donbassantratsit" and itself began to dispose of all coal extracted in the city. After that between the Cossack formations of Petrov and Kosogora-Kozitsyna fight for the right to dispose of coal of local mines has begun, and Kozitsyn has given the order to the Slope to arrest Petrov. And at the same time with him and the mayor of the Red Beam Marina Filippova who worked with Petrov", - Kazansky has told.

It has added that the staff of intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation participated in Filipova's detention. After that people of the Slope have robbed her house from where have taken out money and values. And instead of her Yury Kondratenko has been appointed "mayor", but he was also arrested.

"And it is materials of criminal cases which are investigated by so-called "prosecutor's office of LPR". Here the most different feats of the Cossack formations are listed. Kidnappings, illegal taking by vehicles and premises, drawing heavy injuries and robbery - "anti-fascists" here in all beauty. Approximately arrival to the city of "the Russian world" so looks. Under the slogans of fight against fascism and b*nderovets there is a terror of civilians, marauding, robberies and murders. The worst representatives of society take the power by force and become arbiters of other's destinies, and the cities controlled by them plunge into a gloom of criminal lawlessness", - Kazansky has added.



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